There is a lot of practical advice and information about going single-use plastic free on the internet and on social media. But whether you are a plastic-free veteran or virgin, you can probably do with some encouragement to help you get started and to keep you motivated on your journey. For this reason, we have highlighted the benefits of living without plastic from our experience and perspective¬†and we hope these will resonate with you! ♥¬†To read a short paragraph on each, please see our Benefits page.

  • Benefit #1: Reducing stress and developing a mindful approach
  • Benefit #2: Watching your rubbish diminish dramatically
  • Benefit #3: Spending very little time in supermarkets
  • Benefit #4: Getting to know the fabric of your community
  • Benefit #5: A lot less clutter in your home
  • Benefit #6: Learning how to make and grow things
  • Benefit #7: Getting rid of the dilemma of plastic recycling
  • Benefit #8: Discovering more sustainable solutions
  • Benefit #9: Less consumption overall
  • Benefit #10: Our purchase is a vote
  • Benefit #11: Less food waste
  • Benefit #12: Discovering second-hand shopping
  • Benefit #13: Reconnecting with nature
  • Benefit #14: Fewer chemicals in your home
  • Benefit #15: Being part of the tipping point
  • Benefit #16: Enjoying simple cooking
  • Benefit #17: Being stylish and vintage chic
  • Benefit #18: Intellectually stimulating
  • Benefit #19: Fewer food miles needed
  • Benefit #20: Making celebrations more enjoyable
  • Benefit #21: Shifting away from a throw-away attitude
  • Benefit #22: A healthier lifestyle
  • Benefit #23: Cheaper cleaning products & toiletries
  • Benefit #24: Boosting creativity
  • Benefit #25: Giving items a new lease of life
  • Benefit #26: Joining forces with others
  • Benefit #27: Happiness from experiences vs material things
  • Benefit #28: Feeling better about our accountability
  • Benefit #29: Building awareness and joint-up thinking
  • Benefit #30: Save time by simplifying
  • Benefit #31: The more you do it, the simpler it gets!


  1. Hannah Duquesne

    I love the Bathroom/Cosmetics part, thank you very much, and I have a lot changed already. However there is one item which I have to use (my Dentist is very serious about it because of my gums) these are those tiny brushes who have a plastic top to hold on to when brushing between the teeth??
    Any suggestion what one could use alternatively? They have a very short life and need to be disposed off too quickly.

    1. Daniel Adak

      I have read that some zero waste people use oral irrigators instead of those small brushes.
      Great post for cheering people to change their habits in a positive way.


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